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AI Usage Policy - editable template

Updated: Jun 13

Now that we're starting to use AI tools more frequently in our business, it's important that your teams all understand how it will be used and the risks involved.

This template can be customised to suit your business and usage of AI.

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AI Usage Policy - Customisable Template


We have introduced this AI usage policy to ensure that…


The following people own our AI policy and can be contacted as follows:




EG policy owner

EG tools administrator

Benefits of AI tools

We see huge value in using AI tools to automate, simplify and speed up a number of processes in our business.  We also…

Risks of AI tools

These benefits come with a number of risk factors that are important to understand and this AI usage policy aims to provide a set up guidelines to maximise advantages and also protect against potential risks.  These may include privacy violations, data leaks, misinformation, biases and deep fakes.  Lack of oversight and control can mean data is used or presented incorrectly, images are misleading or assumptions are wrong. For example, AI can manufacturer ‘facts’ that are wrong - called hallucinations.

Please follow these guidelines to mitigate risks for our business and employees

Use of guidelines

These guidelines should always be used with, and align with our core principles including our vision, mission and values.

{Insert guidelines here}.

Security and Privacy

Sharing sensitive data with AI tools risks a potential security breach or privacy issue.

Please contact {insert name/dept} before sharing key information such as customer data, financials or…


AI created content needs to be reviewed and verified by a human being.

Our standard process for reviewing AI information is…

Implementation of new AI tools

Before a new tool is introduced to the business it must be approved by {Insert Name} against a criteria covering security and privacy, handling of confidential data, terms of service…

Access Control

Employees should not use personal AI tools outside of the organisation or on personal devices in relation to company data.

Compliance and security

Employees should follow the same company standards used for all company and customer data including use of strong passwords, using up-to-date software, following GDPR, data retention and disposal policies.

Fairness and Inclusivity

It is important that use of AI tools is used consistently across the business and is accessible to all, used properly and fairly to enhance the way we run our business.

Please raise any access requests or access concerns with {Insert Name}.


When AI tools have been used to create or model information that is presented to the customer, we will alway use the following disclaimer/s to ensure transparency.

“This data/image/content has been created/enhanced using AI and verified by a human being”


“For more information about how we use AI in our business visit…”


We will not allow the impersonation of others without their permission either through text, video, voice or other.

Available tools

We currently have the following tools at our disposal.




Use cases

AI should not be used in a number of scenarios including:

  • Website coding

  • Legal documents or contracts

  • Client strategy

  • Enter examples

Review and Revision

This policy will be reviewed by {insert name} every {enter frequency}.

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