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Mirror, Mirror - a travel brand customer journey walk-through #1

How does your customer experience your website?

That's the ultimate question - because we make a decision in seconds as to whether we're going to explore further.

Sometimes you just need someone to hold up a mirror to your business so that you can see your product or service from the perspective of the customer.

So that's exactly what I've done in this new series - these are real-time walk-throughs of travel and tourism brands, picked entirely at random, to show you where the quick wins and fixes are in your business - and those hidden errors, issues and challenges that it's worth setting a little time aside to check.

Want me to review your customer journey? Get in touch for the chance to be featured and to enter the monthly draw to win your review for free - it's usually £99!

Business picked at random - Gardening with Charlie

Key takeaways:

  1. Make sure all pages on your site work properly! No errors, 404s, page not found results.

  2. Make sure people find what they are looking for - have a clear journey around your site

  3. Make sure related forms and documents are consistent to the customer journey

  4. Make images relevant to the content

  5. Use short text and make it easy to see key information quickly

  6. Publish your prices

  7. Close the deal - create clear calls to action to book or buy.

Want to see more episodes of Mirror, Mirror, or have your business featured? Get in touch now.

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