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How to manage your marketing in 10 minutes a day

I get it, it's like those weight loss apps - lose a stone in 30 days.

Well this CAN work, if you want it to - and if you can't make it work, I'll do it for you, for a week - for FREE.

No gimmicks, no catches or sales pitches. I honestly believe that if you are totally out of time because you're so operational in your business, that you can set aside 10 minutes a day to manage your marketing and keep it ticking over.

The whole premise here is consistency. Consistently putting your business out there week in week out in a systemised way so that you are visible, memorable and easy to keep in mind.

How to manage your marketing when you don't have time

Monday - creating content

  1. Choose a theme relevant to your business for example, things to do in Manchester when you've visiting for the Taylor Swift concert. If you run canal boat tours, this could be ways to get around the city avoiding the rush, 5 tours paired with 5 of Taylor's top hits, and a special tribute night event.

  2. Schedule the posts for the coming week

Tuesday - getting out there

  1. Do a Google search and see what comes up for terms relevant to your business, for example 'food tours of Seville'. Have you been featured anywhere? If so thank you the author and bookmark the link for later.

  2. Are there articles that you could feature in? If so contact the author with some information and images - make it easy for them to consider including you in this or a future article

  3. Add any links to a sheet of places you've been featured.

Wednesday - write a blog post

  1. Use your keyword research (let me know if you need a recommendation for an SEO expert), and pick a topic to create a short blog post about.

  2. Head over to ChatGPT and create a prompt such as 'write me a 500 word blog post on the topic of the best food destinations in Spain including destinations such as Barcelona and Seville. Make the blog a mix of advice and tips.

  3. Copy edit the blog making sure it's in your tone and style and publish it.

  4. This might take longer so aim to publish one every other week.

Thursday - check your reviews

  1. Check your Google, Facebook and Tripadvisor reviews and make sure you've replied to them all, paying particular attention to any that need addressing.

  2. Save any really good soundbites into a document with any customer images for future use on social posts and your website

  3. If you're just starting out, spend 10 minutes emailing recent customers or setting up an automation to encourage reviews.

Friday - sharing your news

  1. Create a roundup of all of your work from the week - your social content, features and articles, blog posts and reviews and collate this into a newsletter or social post

  2. Share this with your database with a clear call to action or promotion for a product or service

  3. If this takes longer, spend 10 minutes each week, working towards a monthly newsletter - monthly is more than often enough.

Tips to make it work for you

  1. Create a folder of content so it's easy to find images, links and keywords

  2. Stick to doing this consistently and you'll start to see it working

  3. Block out the time each day and don't move it - find a time of day that works for you

  4. Don't skip it and roll over the time, if tasks take a bit longer that's fine, just carry on tomorrow

  5. If you have 15 or 20 minutes to spare, even better

  6. Have fun with it - make it work for you and swap out tasks for other things that work well

  7. Stick to it and let me know how you're getting on

And, I made you a promise - if you can't make it work, I'll do it for you, for free for a week!

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