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How to find and refine your WHY (aka Simon Sinek)

Updated: Mar 14

You've got your vision - where you're going.

And you've nailed your mission - what you're doing to get there.

You also have the bones of your WHY - why are you doing what you do - what is the gain, or the joy that you or your business is creating.

Starting with how to find your why

Your WHY may well be an internal mantra. Something that you use to hold yourself accountable and ensure what you are doing retains value and purpose.

Your WHY might be something that you have up on your office wall.

How to find your why

Either way, making it simple and meaningful is key, otherwise you'll never remember or use it. Which means actually it's not right in the first place, or you've managed to make a beautiful aim overly complicated.

In this TikTok I take a client's WHY and help them to shift and refine it from something long and repetitive, to a short statement that they can carry with them all the time.

And, if they want to print it, frame it and put it up on the wall, then they can.

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