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How to find a brand growth coach to fix your sh*t

Hi, I'm Catherine. I might be the person you need to find the hidden opportunities in your brand growth roadmap and fix your sh*t. And I might not. I'm only the right person for a select few who choose me, for everyone else, here's my guide to finding the right brand strategy consultant or coach.

Brand strategy coach catherine warrilow - brand stratregy person to fix my sh*t

Before seeking a brand strategy coach, assess your business's specific challenges and goals. Clearly define what aspects of your brand need improvement to ensure you find a coach with the right expertise.

Explore online directories and platforms that specialise in connecting businesses with brand strategy professionals. Look for directories that allow you to filter results based on expertise, experience, and reviews.

Look for brand strategy coaches with relevant credentials, such as case studies in branding, marketing, or business coaching. Additionally, prioritise coaches with a proven track record of success, preferably with experience working with businesses similar to yours or in the same or similar sectors. Also look at whether they attend and / or speak at relevant industry events.

Search for client testimonials and reviews to gauge the satisfaction levels of past clients. Pay attention to reviews that specifically mention improvements in brand strategy and business growth with measurable results. You can also get a really good feel for personality fit.

Seek recommendations from fellow business owners, and leaders colleagues, or industry peers who have worked with brand strategy coaches before. Personal referrals can often lead to finding a trusted and effective coach and a first hand recommendation or introduction is always a more reliable source, just be mindful that a big part of finding the right person is personality fit, and everyone is very different!

Communication is key in any coaching relationship. Look for a brand strategy coach who communicates clearly, listens attentively, and demonstrates empathy. A coach who understands your challenges and goals can provide more tailored guidance and you're going to enjoy the process far more. Ask about the styles and frameworks they use and ask for a trial session.

Schedule initial consultations or discovery calls with potential brand strategy coaches to assess compatibility and chemistry. Choose someone with whom you feel comfortable sharing your business's challenges and aspirations and ask for examples of situations they've worked in before that are similar. Explain what you're hoping the achieve and ask them to reciprocate.

During consultations, inquire about the coach's approach to brand strategy development. Look for someone who emphasises a collaborative process, customised strategies that are tailored to you, and measurable outcomes aligned with your business objectives. You'll get out as much as you put in with a relationship like this.

Be transparent about your budget and time-frame for working with a brand strategy coach. Discuss pricing structures, payment plans, and the coach's availability to ensure they can accommodate your needs. And ultimately, make sure you're committed to doing to the work and being open to new ideas.

Ultimately, trust your instincts when selecting a brand strategy coach. Choose someone who inspires confidence, demonstrates genuine interest in your business's success, and aligns with your values and vision.

Brand strategy coach catherine warrilow - brand stratregy person to fix my sh*t

If you Googled 'brand strategy person to fix my sh*t', then you can contact me anytime, or use the tips above to help find the perfect strategist to grow your business. Have fun!

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