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Brand marketing ideas for Valentine's Day

Updated: Feb 6

Using Valentine's as a marketing opportunity if you don't sell flowers, chocolates or jewellery can be a tricky one and can easily backfire if it looks like you're trying to cover your bandwagons with hearts and kisses.

But when I'm marketing my own business to prospects, so on a B2B marketing level, I love to use awareness days and special occasions to theme my outreach and stand out from the crowd.

Is it appropriate to send something celebrating the day of love to a prospect? Of course it is. We're all wordly-wise enough to take a kind gesture exactly as it is - and because we're in marketing, the copy that goes with our direct mail item tells the right story, rather than suggesting you want to arrange a candlelit date.

So for Valentine's Day this year, I put together these brilliant little Valentine's direct mail lolly cards from an idea I found on TikTok.

Valentine's direct mail lollipop postcard photograph

It can be hard to find original ideas for Valentine's marketing so give this one a go as it's unique, not too complicated and really personalised and memorable. The importance of brand identity is more relevant than ever as markets become more crowded and brands struggle to stand out.

For more marketing ideas, tips and hacks as well as lumpy mail follow me on TikTok.

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