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The best PR and marketing communities in the UK

Updated: Feb 19

Having access to great people, great ideas, and the media are all essentials if you want to do cool stuff with your brand, your marketing or your PR campaigns.

So here I round up my personal favourites - all communities that I'm a part of, and tools that I use personally for my own brand growth.

The best PR and marketing communities in the UK

1. Press Plugs

Press Plugs is an email based media alert service. It's a paid service, about £50-£60 a month to receive leads from journalists looking for content for articles and commissions.

It covers a broad range of categories and you can opt to only receive alerts for the categories of interest to you. These range from business and technology to sport, lifestyle, food and drink, travel and more. I've used this for about 3 years now, and as I track where all of my PR coverage comes from, I know that around 50% comes from Press Plugs.

2. Mums In Marketings (MiMs)

Mums in Marketing or MiMs for short, has a free and paid subscription model.

The free Facebook community is incredibly active, engaged and supportive. Beyond that the paid subscription which varies in cost for monthly, annual and lifetime membership, offers a private group as well as meet ups, training, courses, 1-1s and loads of extra content. I'm a recent member and so far I love it, I just need to make sure to utilise everything the paid option has to offer - that said, I am off to my first MiMs lunch on Friday! Oh and I have to add, Claire the founder is pretty incredible.

3. Lightbulb Entrepreneur & Press Hangout

The Lightbulb Facebook group is your new secret weapon. It's nothing short of amazing. Founder Charlotte Crisp has brought together a community of incredible business owners and journalists to chat about topics and feature ideas. Entrepreneurs can pitch their ideas and the media can scout for subject matter experts. It's a bargain £5 a month. Stick to the rules, which are all very fair - don't share opportunities outside the group.

4. The Digital, Social & Content Marketing Community

TikTok expert Nicole of Fresh Influence recently started the Digital, Social & Content Marketing Community on Facebook to help those finding their way through the weeds of social and digital marketing trends, primarily TikTok. She's incredibly knowledgeable, generous and up to the minute with tactics, so well worth joining this free community.

Have you got a community or service to recommend for PR and marketing or brand and content professionals like me? If so I'd love to hear about it.

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