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Why Griselda of Netflix fame had the best marketing strategy ever

Updated: Feb 6

If you're not rushing to get into your PJs and on the sofa even faster than usual so you can get your Griselda-fix, then you're going to be the only one not flooding the morning Teams chat with talk of the latest Netflix must-watch.

Griselda Blanco then and in the Netflix series

The story of the infamous 1970s cocaine dealer, dismissed by many as nothing more than a housewife is gripping us all as she fights for control of the upper-class Miami drugs scene.

So as marketers, what do we take from this one-women growth hacker? I get it, she's not your traditional entrepreneurial role model, but that doesn't mean we can't learn from how business savvy she was.

  1. Griselda, like successful marketing professionals was quick and agile. If something didn't work, she moved on and changed her growth strategy. Yes she took time to understand why her plans nearly got her killed, but she was fast to move forwards and experiment with different approaches.

  2. The Netflix star was almost victim to other crime lords but never to the old saying 'we've tried it before, it will never work'. Marketing experts understand that markets change, people change, and expectations change. What didn't work last year may well work this year. What didn't work last time, can be adapted, refined and re-framed, so don't scrap ideas totally, just reinvent them. Or, what didn't work in Mexico, might work in Miami.

  3. If, kind of like Griselda you're a marketing or brand manager, you know to keep something back - the element of surprise. Whether that's an exclusive invite-only launch party, a new subscriber launch day with a hotly followed waiting list, or a countdown to access to new products at a special price as part of a seasonal campaign. Having the element of surprise, fear of missing out and scarcity vs reward is hugely compelling in a marketing strategy.

  4. The first thing Griselda did when she reached Miami was to build a trusted community. At first her travel agent friend, and then her closest circle of female counterparts. She worked with like minded people who shared her vision and values. She aligned everyone on the same key messages and objectives. Word began to spread, people wanted to be a part of that community because she was so committed, focussed and driven - it was infectious. And ,before long she had a growing collective of people spreading word of mouth - acting as her brand advocates.

  5. And let's not forget the importance of brand identity and personal brand - they don't come much stronger than Griselda Blanco's. The sharp sense of style, the cigarette, the stern face, the love for her kids, the short but perfectly articulated demands of others more influential than her, plus the reassurances and care for her immediate circle. Brands are only as successful as their people, and vice versa, so consistent, memorable personal brands matter.

  6. Finally, marketers that truly make brands big are willing to take risks. To try new ways of doing things, to be outspoken and to own the room. If you're trying to make a big impact with a marketing strategy then you've got to be willing to put your neck on the line - luckily for us that's more likely to be talking through a drop in sales or followers to the board, rather than literally having your head chopped off, which is good - that's why we're in marketing, not part of a cartel, right?

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Feb 05
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Now I'm going to have to watch the show! I've seen some trailers and it's on our 'Watch' list - it certainly looks good from an entertainment point of view. But now, I shall definitely watch it and learn from this infamous drug lord ... I mean, lady 🤔 Thanks, Catherine!


Feb 05
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Great article and a great show!!

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